Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mt. Yale: Standard Route with J

Mt. Yale (14,196')
4300' gain, 9.5M RT from Denny Creek TH
~6.5 hours

In early August, J and I had a great bluebird day for a hike of Mt. Yale.  The standard route is well-documented; the turnoff from the Denny Crk Trail to Mt. Yale was well-signed and obvious, if a bit farther from the TH than Roach's guide suggested.

Anyway, it's a typical Sawatch hike through the woods, onto tundra, before easy Class 2 hiking on a non-descript hump of talus that leads to the summit.

Starting at first light, we had no concerns about the weather, and enjoyed distant views of fog settled in at lower elevations.  We also had plenty of time in the afternoon to nap back at the campsite.

Indeed, another attraction of this area are easy roadside campsites within 2 miles down the canyon from the trailhead.

J labels this hike as easy, enjoyable, and straightforward.  It was great to check out another Sawatch 14er together.

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