Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Buying Pants

Seriously, where the hell do you guys buy pants that fit?
Specifically, in the USA in 2011, in a brick-and-mortar store where I can see/try them on first...but most importantly, where the length exceeds the waist? (This used to be common)

Sorry, I go through this tirade once a year or so.


  1. I just don't wear pants.

    You coming down for the Wisconsin hockey game?

  2. That sounded fun, gotta check with the boss.
    She's the one that wears the pants in the family...

  3. lol. 'Tis a conundrum. I say buy 'em long and hem if you have to. Or wear spray-on hipster pants.

    Ideally I wear 30" waist 33" inseam. 34" is too long so I have to have them hemmed. 32" is too short in about a month of washing. And often 30" waist really isn't, it's too big. I don't know who the hell they fit or design pants for, but it's not me.

    Actually what usually happens is I go to the store and there's about 6 pairs of 40" waists.

  4. If you ever figure this one out you will have to let me know...

    Possible solutions:
    - Wear pants that don't really fit (since I have no sense of style this is my approach. being in an academic setting you can get away with this)
    - hemming is an option, though requires a little too much work for me
    - luck out and actually find a pair that is the right size (1/1000 chance this happens)
    - Gain some weight ;)

  5. Multiple pairs of boxers/tighty-whities, underneath.

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  7. Followup:
    Found some decent pants at H&M (also reasonable prices) when we were in Chicago.
    Coming to Denver soon!

    1. While they have a decent selection of skinny sizes, I found some of the styles to be tight in the quads. When you think about some of the hipster target audience, it makes sense: they have no discernible body fat, but no muscle, either. Still, some of the styles fit OK.
    2. Mixed and inconclusive information about their use of sweatshops.

  8. >they have no discernible body fat, but no muscle, either

    lol. Maybe I need to lay around more in cafes and lounges atrophying my calves and thighs.

    It will be good to have another clothing source however.