Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Television Households" Going Down!

For the first time in 20 years, according to Nielsen, the number of "television households" went down. "Television households" are households which have at least one TV that can tune into at least one channel.

Screw you, TV! You're irrelevant.


  1. I have el cheapo level cable service ($200/year?), but I keep the cable unplugged most of the time, and I'll probably kill it eventually. I watch SNL and the news rarely. It's more of a backup plan in case I don't have a movie, which I usually do.

    For me it's not antipathy (hmm, should I read that much into "Screw you"?), it's just apathy about the content.

    And too much to do in Colorado. Even if it's blogging about Colorado.

  2. Number of TVs are going down because you can now watch most of what's on TV on your computer instead (at your own convenience)!

    I'll admit to being addicted to TV. Good example, after running 18 miles last Sunday morning, I spent the majority of the rest of the day planted firmly in the recliner, watching the NHL playoffs and some documentary about Mt. Everest on Netflix. By the end of the day, I felt totally lazy...the 18 miles seemed like it had occurred days ago and it felt like I needed to get of my ass and go for another run to make up for the hours of being sedentary.

  3. Yup, antipathy! Apathy towards the content, and antipathy towards how much time I/we have wasted on it! (Instead I've caught up on a bunch of Netflix movies the last few years).

    Viewership clearly going down precisely due to what you said, Chris. That's the distinction of picking and choosing what you want to watch versus "back in the day" when we (I) would have mindless crap on, including tons of commercials. Like you said, with Netflix, you could still watch 2 hours of 'something' per day if you wanted, but you can literally pick the movie you most want to see.

    Other than sports and live events, which made sense -- basically, making you part of a distant audience -- the whole old model of having a bunch of so-so recorded programming on at specific times with a bunch of commercials is quickly dying.

    I have *no* explanation for American Idol, though!

  4. If it wasnt for sports I would seldom watch TV. It is a waste of time for sure.