Saturday, May 14, 2011

Irish Snug Pub Run

If I want to run faster, I figured maybe I should train more like Brownie....

I've been running the Irish Snug run most Thursdays the last few months with Ben (who definitely needs to update his blog), and occasionally some of Ben's coworkers and his dog Molly. We just earned our first shirts from our 10th run with the Irish Snug runners.

It's a popular, large group run starting from the Irish Snug on Capitol Hill in Denver. The Snug puts on a great event, with a 5k lap around Cheeseman park and surrounding neighborhoods. We've added an extra loop for 5 miles, or run an extra 4 miles from his house or work, or from my school, or various other combinations.
The run is followed by beer specials ($3 Guiness and a couple Tommyknocker microbrews) and free food. Cafeteria-style and cafeteria-quality, I pass on the spaghetti meat sauce, but the salad is OK and the breadsticks are worthwhile, and it's free. (The other food they have on the menu is tasty and legit). And, like I said, 10 runs nets a free technical shirt, and the wait-staff is awesome.

Ben and I are both moving, so won't be able to join the group regularly, but it was fun while it lasted. This run is most certainly open to everyone of all abilities. Definitely worth checking out the run itself, and the Snug itself for a great Irish pub.

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