Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mental Marathon: Preliminary Examination

I have prelims this week, which is 2 days of 9 hour tests, followed by a week-long programming assignment/paper, so I'm only able to catch up and post in the evening. Just finished Day 1, happy to be done and mentally exhausted.

Less running lately, but coincidentally (and somewhat planned), getting ready for the Taste of Louisville Half Marathon on Saturday. J's been getting ready for it, and I'm cautiously optimistic and encouraged about my hastily added speed and tempo workouts the last couple weeks. It's a good diversion to get out on Saturday for a few hours without taking too much time, yet keeping the fitness up (hopefully) with less miles.


Meanwhile, found this video on my camera from the top of Bison Peak last week in the wind. Since I know humans drastically overestimate wind speeds, I'll just say 25-30mph, but the dork in me thinks about how to write an image processing algorithm to automatically calculate this based on the speed of the moving snow (wavelets) and other known information (FOV of camera and Caleb's height).

I'll save that as an exercise for the reader, though.


Also, hope to have pics up soon from last weekend, which was some good times near Dinosaur NM on the Colorado/Utah border.


  1. Amazing how sitting at a chair all day can make one so tired! Hopefully your tests go well!

  2. Yes! Thanks, NMPPhd, you know how it is...and great job at Jemez!