Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Bike to Work....

...Day, in Fort Collins.

Last year, I ran around town for a good 20ish miles, got a breakfast burrito from my wife's work, then headed to work.
The year before, I rode, and had my picture in the paper in the Coloradoan the next day, having breakfast at New Belgium.
Good times.

This year, I didn't need to leave the house in Auroraghetto, since I didn't have class today, though it was relatively nice out this morning.

My last day of the semester is tomorrow, when I'll have the privilege of riding through at least a few inches of slop. Looking forward to it!

Since I didn't commute today, I thought of some back-of-the-envelope stats:
* Non-motorized commutes this year: 200ish
* Non-motorized commutes in Colorado (since April, 2006): 1100+
* Longest streak of days in a row driving to work when I had to go to the airport afterward, carry something large, etc.: 1
* Longest streak of days in a row driving to work because the weather was crappy: 0
* Total non-motorized miles in Colorado for some sort of purpose (commute, errands, haircut, etc.) since April 2006: ~8000+
* Total dollar value of commuting miles using government reimbursement rate: ~$800/year
* How much of that saved money I would (or already did) waste on something stupid: 100%
* Percent of commute miles instead travelled somewhere else frivolous in a car, like skiing or hiking for a day, such that I can't make any serious claim to responsible environmentalism nor righteousness without provable hypocrisy: 200%, at least
* What this means I'm telling *you* to do: Nothing
* Most common bike used to commute this year: rusty Schwinn with one brake that I found on the side of the road in Mankato, Minnesota

There you have it. Happy Bike to Work Day*!

(*PS: That's every day!)


  1. Hooray! I'm especially impressed with all the saved loot you blew, because I'm sure a lot of that was beer!

  2. I'm impressed that you were in Mankato, Minnesota.

  3. @Brownie: For one thing, I seem to end up with too many expensive Old Chicago t-shirts!

    @Jim P: "And lived to tell the tale!" You know Mankato? My brother-in-law lived there, we drove out to their wedding a couple years ago and came back with the bike. Word is on the street that they have a solid Fall marathon now...

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  5. (made a grammar correction)

    Ack! Skiing and hiking aren't frivolous! They're like breathing! :)


    Bummer, sounds like you're not exactly warming to your 'hood.

    That's a lot of non-motorized commutes! I haven't done that since college, mainly because I haven't wanted to, or been able to, live close enough to work. It would be nice sometime.

    I've also noticed a lot of places around Denver where the lives of pedestrians and bikers seem to be on par with those of stray dogs or rats. Scary driving.

  6. I have the same problem. I don't even like OC's. But I think, "ooh, all I hafta do is spend a hundred bucks on beer I don't like, and I'll get another lame cotton t-shirt!" In fact, on my run home today, I'm gonna finish the winter tour with that chimay fru-fru drink. I know I won't like it, and it probably costs at least 10 bones, and the shirt has a friggin' snowboarder on it. I hate snowboarders!

    In my defense, I'm on beer #95, and I doubt I'll return once I finish the full tour.