Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Milwaukee's New Summerfest Half Marathon and 10k

Pretty cool new race out of Wisconsin, the Summerfest Half Marathon and 10k in July (July 10, 2011). Both routes include I-794 on the Hoan Bridge, and the half marathon entry of $60 (early) includes Summerfest entry tickets. $20,000+ in prize money offered as well. The late 10AM start in July and running across the bridge aren't perfect conditions for the fastest times, but it looks like a promising course and well-planned new race, especially with the start times moved closer to 8AM. At best, it may get some local folks inspired to be more active; and either way, I imagine many sweaty runners wearing their technical shirts the rest of the day, with self-righteous talk off a "PR" while waiting in line for a bratwurst. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

For those that don't know, Summerfest is "The World's Largest Music Festival", attracting around a million people in 11 days. I was never a huge fan but probably didn't go as much as I should have, it can be a fun time. Mostly crowds, fried food, and expensive cheap beer, but I imagine it being more fun after a race, being comfortably exhausted and legitimately hungry enough to eat fried cheese curds and legitimately thirsty enough to swill Miller Lite.


More good news in Wisconsin, but maybe at the opposite end of the spectrum: Dunkin Donuts is planning a big expansion in SE Wisconsin.

(They don't really need it, but I do). I didn't know that Milwaukee only has 2 locations currently, as we always hit up at least the one near the airport. Now if we could just get one in Denver or Northern Colorado, since the nearest ones are otherwise in the Springs...


  1. Does it go by the Pabst mansion? Will definitely be visiting when I head out to Wisco for the Dells Marathon.

  2. Sadly, no, Pabst mansion is to the West by just a few miles, while the race/Summerfest is right on the lake.

    I think you'd totally dig this race and Summerfest itself. The Dells are alright but pretty touristy (great for kids/families), so definitely focus your time in Madison and Milwaukee -- yes, do not shortchange time in Madison, and might as well make a detour to New Glarus between the two cities, as that is where the state's best beer is brewed.

  3. Only running the Dells due to crash space in Reedsburg. Most of the trip will be spent in Madison and Milwaukee.

    $100's parents are driving here for x-mas, and bringing a ton of New Glarus brews. The winter weather typically depresses me and I drink a lot, but if this nice weather continues maybe there will be a bottle left for you after the PP fat ass. No promises though, it is supposed to snow later this week...

  4. Mike....there has been a change in starting times for this race according to the Milw Journal/Sentinel---because of closing the Hoan bridge and heat later in the day. Check on-line! Aunt Judi

  5. Thanks Aunt Judi! Good call to move it up earlier, people were concerned about the temperatures and having the bridge closed during the day, glad they listened!