Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lean Horse 100

Sent in my registration for the Lean Horse Hundred today. Very excited!

This was my first 50/ultra 2 years ago, and will be my first hundred. I had a blast there 2 years ago, and was almost sad to turn around at the 25-mile mark, wondering what lay beyond. Now I'll get to find out, 4 weeks from Saturday!


  1. Yeeee Haaaaaa!
    Glad to hear you're going to return to Lean Horse to run the 100 this year.
    Yea, two years ago I remember that turn around - for me it was kind of sad to keep going and see you heading back to Hot Springs....lol
    Best of luck to you! You'll do great!

  2. Nice!

    Lean Horse always seems like it would be a great race so I look forward to hearing about it. The timing just tends to be a little bad - right after Pbville and before Wasatch.

    Although it isn't a HR qualifier - guess that means you will need to do another 100 in the fall so you can put your name in the hat for next year :)

  3. @John: Yes, thanks, I was sad to see you go at the turnaround but ecstatic to learn about your finish! Definitely trying to learn and emulate some of your pacing there.

    @NMP: From doing the 50, it's well-organized yet laid back, and although it's flat it's quite scenic and a great little road trip. For me, this was the only one that fit in well with my schedule: cheering my wife on in a triathlon Pbville wknd, and going back to school 2 days after LH. (Ultras and grad school seems to be all the rage these days!)

  4. Mike, I just signed up to run the 100 at Lean Horse too. After my DNF at Grand Mesa, I decided I needed another shot at a 100 miler this year and Lean Horse was the best race for it. It definitely has an easier to follow course. I look forward to seeing you out there.

  5. Alex, sorry about Grand Mesa: that sounds like it was entirely out of your guys' control, from Felix's writeup (and Burch/Callahan). Glad you survived, and what an adventure!

    Otherwise, WOO-HOO! I was hoping you and Felix would take a look at it. It'll be great to see you out there for LH! Will Ean and the kids be coming as well? It'll be nice to see/meet them. I'll have my wife and mother-in-law with me.