Thursday, July 15, 2010

24-25 July Weekend Plans

J is out of town 24-25 of July weekend, looking for some weekend miles and elevation.

Sounds like Nick is heading up Longs -- but I think I'll hold off on that for a few weeks, and head up there with J.

I was thinking about making camp somewhere around Aspen, Leadville, or Glenwood for the weekend, and doing something both days. Maybe longer/more technically challenging on Saturday, and then more conservative technically on Sunday?

* 4-pass loop from Maroon Bells TH
* Rio Grande trail: 41 mile rec path Glenwood to Aspen, take the bus back (goal here is to get more miles at elevation)

or (pick 2 of 3)
* Some sort of multi-summit Sawatch binge (class 2/3)
* Tenmile traverse (class 3)
* Some sort of Hoosier Ridge stuff -- 'easier', might be runnable ridge at elevation?
* Other CO trail stuff with decent miles

* Sit at home and drink beer

Anybody interested in any of the above? I'd probably not do anything long class 3+ solo, so would appreciate any strong and motivated company on those. If I'm solo, I'd probably do the more conservative rec path stuff, maybe ride Independence Pass instead. Probably evaluate on weather and stuff. Looking to do something both days...or anybody else got any other big plans?


  1. I think Mock is heading out to Maroon Bells as well.

    Bring the beer and get out. It is time to get high.

  2. Doing Huron on the 24th, then hoping to shoot up to Alma to watch the Burro Racing World Championships.

    Rafting Brown's Canyon on the 25th.

  3. GZ: Yes, it is time to get high!
    Brownie, do you have a route for Huron? If you're at Winfield, I'd suggest cutting over and going over Brown's peak, if not even earlier on the ridge. More scenic, more fun, less crowds than the std route...have fun!

  4. I'm doing the hike with Katie's family, from Wisconsin. So we'll probably stick with the standard route.