Wednesday, November 10, 2010


J and I headed to Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay for a couple weeks in January. Stoked.

Posting here on the blog not in the "brag on Facebook" sort of thing (I hate that, and wonder why I'm even on Facebook when that's half of people's updates), but to look for any suggestions people might have. No lodging or anything yet. Besides city stuff in the 2 major cities, definitely going to see some vineyards (J's wish is to find out where our cheap but passable Concha y Toro comes from) and hope to get to the beach for surfing. There are some gorgeous mountains in the north as well, figuring out where to go and how to get there (generally prefer mass transit abroad -- one of the major advantages -- but have to figure out how far of the city we can get). Ordered a pile of relevant used books: besides the travel aspect, I love Latin American culture, land, and history.

Flying into Santiago; in Chile for more than a week; bus to Mendoza; Mendoza to Buenos Aires for a few days, with a day-trip to Colonia, Uruguay.

Rushed as it is, so not going to make it to Patagonia. Realistically, J said she wouldn't want to spend the whole time trekking, so that's a separate trip that'll have to be without her.


  1. I don't have much to add to the travel plans, other than I'd love to go there sometime and think that you'll miss out if you don't at least go into Patagonia one day, but I completely agree with what you said about FB. I always feel like you put something up on FB, you force it upon everyone whether they are interested or not. You put it up on your blog, folks that are genuinely interested in what you're up to will check it out.

  2. I'm envious, have a great time.

    I try not to miss any significant church along the way. The spaces are typically beautiful and peaceful respites from the hustle and bustle and you never know what masterpiece you'll find inside (especially in Europe!). Guide books also indicate churches you can visit without disturbing worshippers.

    The mountains around Santiago are spectacular, there's got to be some great running there. Heck, everywhere you're going.

  3. @JM: Thanks, I like how Blogs are somewhat personal and topical, but yet have information that can be potentially be interesting months or years later. Not so with FB, obviously. I've enjoyed reading some of your travel-related stuff and need to do a better job of that. Amsterdam and Lisbon (ssh, very underrated!) are also two of our favourites.

    As for Patagonia, I'm trying to get better about not getting so preoccupied with missing out on things (the best towns, restaurants, etc.), or I freeze up altogether. A realistic itinerary would skip Buenos Aires, and you could equally say, what about Easter Island, too? So I try to envision a visitor to the U.S. wanting to see NYC, L.A., and Mt. Rushmore in the same trip -- whereas a trip to Portland, Silverton, or Asheville (just to be random) would also have been great picks.

    @mtnrunner2: Thanks, we have very similar tastes there! Uncanny, did you read this (for several reasons):

    I am *definitely* dragging my wife to random churches! I totally enjoy old churches in their context as a respite from chaos -- current and historical.

    Hope to get a good hike in, otherwise likely some local runs wherever we are. I always see the best stuff that way.

  4. Mike, yeah Lisbon looked great, but I spent so little time there it's embarassing. Most of the two days in Portugal were spent in Lagos. Still, I think I'd go back to Portugal before France or Spain.

  5. Hey there!
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    “Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.”
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  6. I'm planning to do a tour in argentina, after some bussiness thing I have to do in BA. I wanted to ask here what I should do after argentina? Chile? Brazil? ...... recommendations please!!