Friday, January 4, 2013

See "Ski the 14ers" video online

Take 40 minutes and watch this.

Chris Davenport - Ski the 14ers from TJ Burke on Vimeo.

If you didn't know the history, this is Chris Davenport's project of skiing all 54 Colorado 14ers in one year.  This project was successfully completed over 5 years ago, and despite excellent footage, he wasn't allowed to release the video due to Forest Service rules regarding releasing film of commercial value in legal Wilderness Areas.  This public posting is the first time to see the film for many.

Not only does the video give an appreciation of his raw skill and effort, and an aesthetic appreciation for mountains, but even if you're not a skier, you'll enjoy seeing some of our favourite Colorado mountains, and may recognize legendary Colorado mountaineers like Lou Dawson, Neal Beidleman, and Ted Mahon.


  1. About half way through it. That is pretty sick stuff. Particularly when he is riding some of those slides.

  2. Comment A: What a dumbass. Just wait until they build lifts and then buy a season pass and ski down.

    Comment B: Thanks for making me feel lazy.