Monday, January 31, 2011

LT100 - Registered

Signed up before price goes up. Haven't signed up for a race this early in....ever?
Time to start training and hit the bike more.

Wait...I signed up for the run? Ugh, that's gonna take, like, forever! Alright, guess I better run more.

Already got some friends that might help J with a little crewing. Would love to see any other family/friends along the way. Nothing big, just an afternoon/evening boost which seems to do wonders for morale. Not sure about pacing yet, might get some help there, might go random, or meet people on the trail (with 750 racers), or anybody else that wants to slog along for bits and pieces of it -- looking forward to the adventure!


  1. I'm with you on signing up for races so far in advance. Feels odd...sort of like gambling...betting on whether you'll be in one piece seven months from now. Still, it is what it is, I guess. And, now you have motivation to get out in run in -5 degree weather.

  2. Awesome! I'm glad you're in, especially since I only signed up because you said you were running. There will definitely be friendly bunch of FC people coming out to support us. I look forward to going out for some hikes (and runs) in the mountains with you this summer.

  3. I signed up only because you signed up.
    Now we've gotta run it!

    Definitely looking forward to more daylight and ambient heat!

  4. After pacing at Leadville, I was shocked at how much of it was run on roads and thought it a fairly easy course... then I developed severe dehydration from not taking the altitude into consideration. Every race has its fine points! Best of luck.

  5. Good stuff! Depending on other stuff I may or may not make it to catch some of the action.

    I would agree with the previous comment. The course is pretty easy...but it is at 10k. If it were at sea level I think the fastest folks would be running 13:xx. You seem to like the altitude so should do well I think

  6. Mike, I think you'll do well at Leadville. Definitely should be looking to run in the 20-hour range. Wish I'd be around to help out.

  7. Thanks, all, and for the previous comments.
    Steve and Nick P, I do think I'll enjoy the course (I already enjoy Leadville itself) with the proper expectations of a road/trail hybrid, which Lean Horse sort of was anyway. But I won't take the course for granted, either.

    JP: Good luck in the Wasatch lottery! -That- sure looks like a gorgeous course, but I didn't think I could swing it this year.

    NC: Thanks for the vote of confidence. Joking aside, I'll give it and my training my best.