Sunday, June 24, 2012

23:42: Silver Buckle

Good enough, amazing day, thanks to Alex, J and Nora.
My "race" ended at Mile 27 or 28ish and became something different...
Despite missing stretch goals (I lost focus on racing and then trashed my quads anyway), happy about the silver buckle, but more importantly, a more meaningful Western States day than I ever could have imagined: being able to help (equally, along with 4 or 5 top female runners and a few others) a fellow human being survive a scare. More later. Time to sleep.


  1. Sooo proud of you for stopping to help. To me, the fact that you gave up your "dream time" to help someone out says more about your character/stamina than any sized belt buckle! We are very proud of you...Aunt Judi & Uncle Bob

  2. We are also very proud of you. You are a stand up guy and we are honored to know you. Max and I had fun watching your progress throughout the day. We hope to come see you in action!!!

  3. Way to go, that's fantastic all around. You exceeded your race goals in the integrity/human support division.

    Always drama at that race. No bear encounter for Ellie Greenwood though.

  4. Nice work Mike, congrats on the buckle!

  5. Great job Mike, in all ways! Looking forward to hearing the details.

  6. Well done, Mike! Eager to hear the tales.

  7. Looking quickly at the paces per aid station told me /something/ went awry.

    I'm glad you weren't hurt, and .... not on bit surprised that you sacrificed your stretch goal to come to the aid of another human being.

    We are ... who we are ... and that's who you are.

    Great race, regardless, and .... I raise a glass to you for your deeply-embedded sense of humanity, and priorities.

    Rest well.....

  8. Sounds like there are two types of stories of WS this year: 1) personal bests and course records and 2) "I thought this was a hot weather race!"

    I just found out I have competition in the MN 2000 foot peak race.

  9. Mike- Congrats on the silver buckle and even moreso for having the presence to stop and help KS who really needed someone's help. I passed her and heard her tell someone she wasn't having a good day but I just didn't realize what was going on. The ultra-gods owe you and you will crush your next 100. -Wes

  10. Thanks everyone, and thanks for following along and encouragement!
    Wes, great to meet you, heckuva run for you -- regret we didn't get to run together more! She was getting worse exponentially after you passed her (no longer able to talk) and shortly after Ryan passed as well, there was no way to know.

    So great run yourself and great Colorado representation, you were on target for an even faster one, I hope and expect our paths cross again soon!