Sunday, February 12, 2012

White Russian at 10k Feet

"Bowling with Altitude" in Leadville.
Classically old-school. Not a bad place to get a large order of fries for $2, too.


  1. Awesome. Particularly using the stir stick as a straw.

  2. Old-school? I see they have electronic scoring at least. At our bowling alley, you still gotta write that shit down. On paper. With pencils. Good thing I paid attention in PE class back in the day.

  3. You should be wearing a bath robe.

  4. If it's a real White Russian, it should be drunk un-diluted, in frozen-cold shots of 100ml.

  5. @Chris: Yeah, the scoring system is of the modern age, and reminded me of a goal to go back to a manual scoring/projector/grease pencil alley someday. Funny, my wife and friend mused about how they learned scoring back in the day, but don't remember it, and that "it doesn't matter anymore!" I pointed out that it's still quite important to figure out what you need to hit a certain score, or beat your friend in a late frame, etc.

    @Brownie: The oversized Pbville sweatshirt *is* my leisure suit of choice.

    @Olga: This was the improvised Leadville version! =) Any chance of trying a "real one" after Quad Rock? Will trade for local microbrew!