Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Snow Day

Although we got less snow than Denver and the surrounding foothills, we still had a sizable enough February snowfall to make it a winter wonderland in town.

Nighttime snow is perfect for cooling my muffins, so I can eat them faster after taking them out of the oven:

Of course, snow in town on a weekend doesn't mean everyone shacks up and watches TV; rather, everyone heads out to play.

First up was a sunrise run with Nick and Sarah up Redstone Canyon. We tracked some additional footprints in the snow, eventually catching up to Marie:

I had a great time chatting with them under the lightly falling snow, and the miles went by quickly.

Back in town, I met J, Bogdan, and Irina at Pineridge. Jax was cleared out of XC ski rentals, so Bogdan and Irina went with snowshoes. Either one was a great choice in knee-deep snow:

Among other folks out at play was this guy, with his sleeping young daughter in a sled. And, nothing says sleeping toddler like a skull and crossbones flag, of course:

I love the rare opportunities to ski very close to town: the feel of the terrain really changes, and new possibilities open up in the snow.
This guy built his own jump to hop the fence near the dogpark...and he nailed it:

Every other rock-free hill in town was dotted with kids on sleds.
What a beautiful day!


  1. Send us some of that snow!! 40-50 degree weather in Jan/Feb is not the usual Wisconsin winter for sure! Aunt Judi

  2. I heard Max got a snowboard -- it would be nice if the kids had more snow to play with!
    But it ooks like WI is getting colder this week!