Sunday, February 12, 2012

Genuflecting at Loveland Ski Area

After a time (or perhaps age), resort skiing loses its luster. Several friends I've talked to this year either didn't buy passes for the first time in years, or aren't as excited to go when thinking about the long drive in I-70 weekend traffic to crowded slopes, lift lines, and exorbitant prices.

Enter Loveland Ski area. For our first visit, on Super Bowl Sunday (one of the best days to ski all year), we were treated to close (and free) parking in just over an hour and a half of drive time, with no lift lines and a sunny, windless day. Combine this with more practice on the tele skis, and both my heels and mind were free enough to enjoy resort skiing once more.

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  1. >one of the best days to ski all year


    Just went for #2 of the year at MJ; on track for a record low number of outings this year.

    Skiing during the week and hitting places like Loveland helps. Loveland on a powder day is great, it's one of the few times I ski the steeps off Chair 1, and the associated trees. The powder lasts quite a while back on Chair 8.

    Heck, I almost always favor areas with good trees; get in there, and you can forget about the crowds quickly.

    Not sure what I'll do next year, but let's just say the pass policy is "under review".