Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kitchen Countertop/Sink Remodel


This isn't going to become a home improvement blog anytime soon, but this project took a bit of time so I might as well put some pictures up.

The backstories are more detailed and interesting, but this took all of my freetime before Thanksgiving. I barely ran at all, as something had to give so I could keep up with this and school (so running, sleep, and eating went first). Ironically, this meant I
"tapered" unwittingly for the Thanksgiving race!

Brilliantly, we invited 11 people over to our condo for Thanksgiving, including inviting my parents from Oklahoma...and then proceeded to rip the kitchen apart, with no hope of salvation. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Neil -- the pacer once again, who masterminded the countertop woodwork and tiling, as well as sharing lots of quality tools -- and my parents for a ton of help, as well as DJ and Deb for support. Luckily (more gratitude), C&C let us borrow their house for the occasion, and my parents spent most of their "vacation" helping us finish up. I think/hope they kind of enjoy this stuff, and we did enjoy spending the time with them working together. Good memories!

I'm still happy we did it ourselves -- we wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise, and it was a learning experience -- but it was stressful at times. Did I mention we're not really experts on stuff like this? It was gratifying to work with my (cracked and bleeding) hands more than normal (which is also why I like doing all of my own bike mechanic work). I now know some things that would have made it go more quickly: the biggest pain was cutting tile around the sink, which eventually became much easier when I changed to a different sink, used a different blade on the tile saw than the stock one, and decided to tile-in the sink instead of fitting curves underneath it. So anyway, I have a tile saw now if anybody ever needs to borrow that -- let's get some mileage out of it!

We're very happy with the results! But, again, it wouldn't have been possible with the help from everyone else.
THANKS to everyone that helped!

Back to our regularly-scheduled programming...


  1. Wow, the kitchen looks great- very impressive. We missed you on Tower's tonight- very fun with 6-12+ inches of snow. What are your plans for Chubby Cheeks?

  2. Thanks, glad you had fun on Towers, I just ran around here earlier in the day and enjoyed the snow.

    Unfortunately, I'm out of town for CC -- Ugh! I'll be in Snowmass for a school event, and I can't get back in time. I'm staying right on the mountain in Snowmass, but it's interesting to me that I'm more disappointed in missing CC, one of the best runs of the year.

    So I'll have to save my legs (and liver) for VBM later in the week!

  3. 1) La diferencia esta noche y dia. Que hermosa la cocina !

    2) If my geography is right, that IS the Front Range, out that window, and you/we DID ramble up and down stairs for three days, so this is NOT an OT post ;-)

    3) Twas big fun. Lemme' know when the bathrooms are ready to meet THEIR makers :-)

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