Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Triple Homecoming

I passed my preliminary exam, which is exciting.
The very next day (after some sleep), we moved back up to Fort Collins, then started unpacking on Sunday. I will be commuting to Denver but hopefully and generally able to work from home as I ramp up research.

On Monday, we drove 15 hours straight to Minneapolis (we both lived 2 years there and loved it), where we spent a great few days with friends; then down to Madison (4 years there for me) to see another friend, and ultimately southeastern WI (where we both grew up) to see more family and friends. Then back up to Tomah, WI, for a family reunion on J's side, which was also great fun, meeting new people and getting to know others better.
Immediately after, a 15-hour drive again and we were back.
This was the first time we rotated drivers this much, and it worked beautifully. The old way was for me to drive ~10-12 hours until my eyes go sideways, and then pull over but find out J is also too tired to drive so we both need to take a nap. I must be getting old (or tired of repeat scenery, I like to think!) but shorter stints worked well this time.

Great to be back "home": to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and ultimately Fort Collins!

Much to catch up on, Blog-wise: reading everyone else's, and excited to see how WS turns out. I need to post Dinosaur NM from Mem Day, as well as Minnesota and Wisconsin tidbits-of-interest and pictures.


  1. Hooray Wisconsin! Be going there soon!

  2. Yes! How many days before/after the Dells marathon? I will have to put in some plugs for some good stuff between Milwaukee and the Dells, especially the Madison area.