Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bike to Work Day Thoughts

Happy to be back in the Fort...mucho to catch up on!
I skipped Bike to Work Day today -- one of
my favourite days of the year (I'll catch up on the winter one, which I like more) since I worked from home today. Hypocritically, I ended up driving today (out of town). But, I did ride to Horsetooth for a run yesterday, which was great. There must be a Tuesday night bike ride, as I saw many mt. bikers getting ready to ride around 5:30. Kudos to the two guys I saw riding up to the trailhead...maybe 25-30 that drove up. I know it's a tough spot to get up there after work, so my maxim is more of a suggestion than a rule (lest I be found guilty of numerous hypocrisies):

Minimize driving to exercise when you're in town

I think about this mostly when I ride past the 24-Hour Fitness parking lot.
Looking forward to catching up with the trailrunners soon -- a few folks ride to the Tuesday run and we end up getting to the Trailhead Tavern faster than most of the cars!


  1. So glad that you are back. FC wasn't the same without you. Looking forward to going for some runs and to hitting Walrus for a double scoop after the run and Trailhead on Tuesday nights. Welcome back.

  2. Yeah - I think about this driving to exercise thing when I head to the mountains via car. Can't say that I manage that as well as I ought to ... but I have been doing more out my front door this year. Mostly because of the time constraint versus environmental concerns.

  3. I don't manage it as well as I ought to, either, but in many of those cases I think you and I are talking about driving when we go to the big mountains, where the distances are longer and the difference in time is significant. I'm more wondering about the ~15-20 min trips within town, that ends in a rec area or gym, where the bike ride may take only marginally more time (based on traffic, etc.).

    I think that's already obvious in Fort Collins/Boulder, but adults on bikes (if you're not a full-on cyclist) is still a strange concept in many other parts of the country.