Thursday, November 17, 2011

More running, and on track

Been really happy with the last few workouts (some of them on the Aurora Central High Trojan Track) focused on speedwork in preparation for the Thanksgiving Day run, and generally staying healthier and running better/more focused with less miles and some stretching and strength. I've been playing with stride and breathing a bit as well: after running for a few years now, I feel like I'm still learning.

I don't like to post workout numbers -- this isn't a training blog! -- but I'm starting to forget what I did last year (or last month), and then I curse myself for not writing things down. And, I like learning and getting ideas from other people's workouts.

I've never broken 24 minutes in a 4M race, which is a nice, round number which I feel I should be capable of reaching. That's still a goal, but my A-goal for next week is to aim for 23 (5:45/mile). That won't be pie-worthy, but I can't fully control that. Hopefully I can set a new baseline for myself now and improve next year as well.

Whether or not the recent runs are sufficient training (this close to the event) vs. prediction is debatable, but here are some key workouts:

Week -2:
Mon: 5k@sea level (Corona del Mar Track): 17:10 (PR)
Wed: 8x800, ~2:20 RBI (complete rest to add up to 5:00 so I can keep my watch running): 2:33-2:36-2:38 (min-avg-max)
Week -1:
Tues: 5k@Aurora Central Track: 17:42 (Colorado PR)
Thurs: 4x1600, 400m slow jog between intervals. Goal: 5:30 avg. pace.
5:27, 5:26, 5:26, 5:23
* Hit the track again when I knew I wouldn't be able to make Towers tonight. Otherwise, really enjoyed this, wanted to bag it on the 3rd repeat when the wind picked up, and thought I'd be above 5:30 with a slower start, but pushed it and negative-split each of the next two 400m. After experimenting with stride, pushed it even harder in the last repeat.

Pretty stoked about these, I forgot how running hard and short can actually be fun, rather than chugging around slow and beat up all summer!
If weather or crowds aren't highly unusual, my prediction is that a 3M/5k training pace should predict 4M race pace, and that a 4x1600 cumulative time is roughly 5% faster than race time. We'll see!


  1. I'm seeing 22 flat and an apple pie in those numbers, hombre. Be aggressive!

    Looks like we could be going shoulder to shoulder.

  2. Wow, awesome workouts Mike. If you can average better than 5:30/mile in a track workout two days after a solo track 5K PR, then I agree with Nick that a 22 minute 4 mile is very doable. We'll miss you at Towers tonight, but I look forward to congratulating you at the finish line next Thursday.

  3. You should be breathing down Clark's neck. I'm calling for 21:XX. I might have to jump into this fun on Turkey Day morning.

  4. I'm looking for 24:00 myself, I think you'll be well under that with those recent times! I'm just going to try to hang my hat on 4 6:00 miles.

  5. Thanks guys, yes, everybody should jump into the fun of one of the funnest races of the year!
    24 and 25 minutes are great numbers -- there are so many fast people in town.

    I see sub-22 and pie for Nick for sure -- that sounds like a good goal to work towards in future years, but I don't have the data to support that effort yet, unless it's at sea level!

  6. If you beat Clark, you get my vote for UROY.

  7. 23:49. Sea level times can't predict CO times. Still hoping you crush Clark though.

    Colorado College swept Wisconsin!

  8. Just like I said, 22:22. Great run!

  9. Thanks, I think you missed the last 5k workout on the track in Colorado, which I was using as a predictor. I also had a massive taper from a stupid schedule this week which I'll probably blog about later (only when my kitchen is actually finished), didn't run this weekend and wouldn't have been able to see hockey.

    Nice run yourself, JT!

  10. Damn, I did miss that Aurora 5k time, and now I'm kicking myself for not running two seconds faster!