Friday, September 3, 2010

Iran Today

I ran, today. 20 minutes. Slow and stiff, but arguably a running motion.

This is not a training blog or daily diary, but in case I or anyone else wants a data point, my legs were just too stiff to run or risk anything for 5 days. And that was perfectly fine with me!

The 'swollen knee' was just general inflammation from a trashed quadriceps and maybe some knee tendon strain. Thanks DJ (NP) and Andrea (PT) for similar advice/observations/reassurance. The fact that I just 'stopped' running and then lay perfectly horizontal at night certainly didn't help, but I really didn't feel like I could have done anything else immediately. It hurt so bad the first day that I had much trouble lifting my leg into or out of the car. Worse in the morning/getting up after sitting down. The first day, I couldn't straighten my leg, and bought a $10 cane from Walgreen's to get around school. Ugh.

Each day my leg felt better, I was able to bend it back more and finally bend it all the way yesterday (4 days later).

Starting day 2, I generally walked a mile or so around campus, and biked around 10 miles or so. That seemed to help, and biking wasn't inhibited. A deep quad massage probably woulda helped a little more, J worked out some knots, I did some occasionally, and took some hot baths and hot tub.

Those are my observations. YMMV. I'm only going to slowly add miles by feel, no rush.

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