Friday, September 3, 2010

Cloud Cult: Soundtrack to Ultras, and Life

Hailing from Minnesota, the band "Cloud Cult" is one of my wife and my favorite bands. They're a fine bunch of musicians, artists, and general human beings. Most of the songs crescendo from simple beginnings to a full-on whirlwind of sound and emotion, which can carry you away if you feel like you're on the same wavelength. "Take Your Medicine" has long been one of my favorite running songs (that is, songs that remind me of running and why I enjoy it).

I had just listened to one of their new songs, "Forces of the Unseen," and the song absolutely hit me with what it felt like running the last few hours in the South Dakota night. I let them know that, and Craig was kind enough to reply:

Thanks for the super kind words. And congratulations on accomplishing such an amazing feat! I can't imagine how tasking that has to be on the body. Absolutely incredible.

As an interesting note, I wrote most of that song during my morning runs last summer. See you in Denver!

Craig Minowa
Cloud Cult
Earthology Institute

I didn't know about him writing it during morning runs...but it makes perfect sense.

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