Sunday, August 29, 2010

19:12*, 3rd Overall

* Includes 20+ minutes off-course.
Epic day. Much pain. More later.


  1. YeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    I'm so impressed with your result!
    Can't help but ask how do you go off course at Lean Horse! Can't wait to hear all the details.
    Enjoy the pain - it's a hurt that's good.

  2. Congrats! You are amazing. We will have to have you over to replenish those calories soon! Congrats from Will as well!

  3. I can jump in with SOME insight into the off-course events.

    Though I only started asking a few days pre-race, I couldn't get a GPS file of the course. The map was only marginally helpful -- particularly after dark.

    The first incident was a "where IS the aid station/course" exacerbated by a (not uncommon, I understand) discrepancy between the posted mileage at which each aid station should have been, and ... where they actually were.

    Not being sure WHERE to look, or WHEN, was a downer.

    The second incident was a midnight, couldn't-find-the-darned-turnoff issue.

    Even with my (HID) bike light, and Mike's headlamp, the turn was so poorly marked (and on a downhill stretch, where Mike was _flying_), that we went right by it.

    Their (race organizers') Cyalume light sticks were dead. Their "glow when hit by light" markers were OFF the road, so ... they wouldn't have illuminated unless your lights pointed right at THEM.

    They needed a pylon on the road, or fresh light sticks, or ... something.

    It was also a gated, private road that did NOT appear on my GPS, and was unlocked -- methinks -- only for the event.

    Doubling back put Mike on a long, grinding uphill ... of course ;-(

    Mike's performance, though, was nothing short of amazing.

    He kept form, he kept his cool, he kept his head. He kept his pace.

    His strategy of walking vs. running could probably NOT have been improved upon. He stayed fed, he stayed hydrated. He stayed cheery, and lent a warm greeting to those he passed, after the turnaround.

    It was an amazing day.

    Tears were in my eyes as his result was announced, at the 10am awards ceremony -- one that I only made it to BECAUSE of how EARLY he finished (got to sleep a bit !).

    Those who arrived on ZERO sleep ... Wow !

    Mike: I'm stunned, amazed, and proud to have been a part, and to witness your achievement. I'd do it again, in a heartbeat :-)

    WOO-HOO !!!!

  4. Now I see...
    It was the turn at mile 95 where you leave Argyle Road and head across the pasture towards Cold Brook campground. That would be a real bummer to keep going down the hill only to turn around and come back.
    I'm still impressed and can't wait for the race report.
    Neil: Great job with the pacing. You had one tough runner you got to work with!

  5. Nice! Sub-20 (darn near Sub-19) on your 1st 100? That is some rare company. Thanks for the update (still no results up on web page). Looking forward to your report. Do you know how Alex did?

  6. Thanks guys!
    @Rob: Alex=AWESOME, sub-24 buckle (23:4x?), helped admirably by Ean for 17(!) night-time miles. Don't want to steal his thunder before his race report, but results should be up soon.

    @John: Yup, Coldbrook, how can I miss a turn when I had already done it 3 times in life? =) No problem, though, I should have been more aware, and I answered my question to myself if I could run 100 miles in less than 19 hours, just that the finish line wasn't there when I did!

  7. Shoutout to Alex, 23:16!

    I think I saw Alene in transit, but didn't register it in time.

    Also, Chris from South Dakota blew away his goals with a 20:21, awesome seeing him out there and talking with him.

  8. Mike - Fantastic effort my man. I love it when a plan comes together.

  9. Just found your blog from John Maas'. Congrats on such a fast first 100!

  10. @SteveQ: Thanks for dropping in, I'm sure I've been on your page before as I recognize it. Thanks for the laugh on your recent posting, too!
    BTW, my wife and I enjoyed a couple years in the Twin Cities at the U, so we're always looking for reasons to go back. Hope to see you at a race soon!

  11. Hey, isn't that turn you missed the exact same one I made sure to mention in the final instructions newsletter that got sent out last week?? ;)

    Seriously, it's been missed by other runners before. I was looking for it the entire way down that hill...I wasn't gonna miss it for anything. The fact that you didn't let it get you down and STILL ran a 19:12 is pretty incredible. Congrats!

  12. Thanks Chris, since I had been on the course before, you know how it is: you pay less attention when you think you know what you're doing! So I probably skimmed that.

    That's how these things go, it was clearly marked *if* you were looking for it -- things look different at night I guess! It was hard to see even with 2 bright lights (the moon wasn't helping yet). The Coldbrook aid station guys said "Yeah, we told Jerry we needed to mark that better so people didn't miss it!" I'm guessing there was a well-meaning attempt to try to mark it well, but it was probably from a volunteer coming up Argyle road in the opposite direction, which is blocked from view when going downhill.

    In any case, I picked up a glow ring from around the corner and tossed it into the road for the next person, hope that saved someone some trouble!

    No worries, no complaints, just a helpful suggestion: either a cone on the intersection of that turn, or flagging on both sides. (For my part, I could have just paid better attention).

  13. Hey, Chris....

    It needs to be said: from MY view (the cheap seats), the two issues we had represented two specks on the Mona Lisa.

    The race was really, really well organized. The aid stations were bountiful, staffed by incredible people, and efficiently run.

    The course, itself, was a beautiful thing.

    And Jerry's Sunday "speech" surely moved a whole lot of people -- people who ... were probably tired of moving themselves ;-)

    So ... thanks ... from an onlooker :-)

  14. Congratulations Mike! Were you wearing the red Horsetooth Half shirt? Way to run an awesome race!

  15. Thanks Alene! That must have been Alex, he had a red shirt on. I had a blue long sleeve on for less than a half hour, and then no shirt the rest of the time...a grey shirt on Sunday, when I hobbled and dropped my horseshoe.

    GREAT race yourself! Great representation from the Fort! Sorry I missed you, I was pretty sure I saw you on the trail when I was slogging back up to the Mountain aid station, and then Sunday when leaving but I couldn't catch up, my knee got pretty swollen (and you were moving pretty good still!)