Monday, August 23, 2010

Last week to Lean Horse

Congrats to all the runners in a big weekend last weekend, mostly Pbville and Pikes.
Catching up on all the stories, which are both inspirational and educational.

Looks like there are 159 entrants registered for the 100 miler, a sizeable field.
Based on alphabet, I am Bib number 60.
With a little imagination, that looks like the word


  1. Good luck. Will be trying to track you out there. Think of me while you're suffering, I'll be relaxing and drinking brews.

  2. Mike, have a good run out there. You may be a soft Denver'ite now, but remember most of the work was done in FoCo. Get 'em dude!

  3. Hey Mike!
    Just wanted to wish you the best this weekend!
    Stay strong, smart and steady.
    Go get 'em!!
    You will do great!
    Can't wait to hear how it goes for you.

    OO-GA-CHA-GA !!!!

    Tear it up, Boyyyyyyy :-)

  5. Thanks guys!
    @Brownie, I'm in the middle of a typical "dry" pre-race week. Looking forward to brews on Sunday.

    @Nick, thanks, yup, FoCo is great. But so is Denver, albeit in different ways, so I invite you to join me on a night run sometime, maybe around Peoria and Colfax (which is about halfway between my apt. and school) -- we'll see the 'soft' side of Colorado! =)

    @John: Thanks, I'll be thinking back to 2008, and hope to replicate some of your great pace that year.

    @Neil: With your help!