Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cereal Run!

Lyric Cinema Cafe
Cartoons 10a-12 Mon-Sat, Free
$5 All-you-can-eat Cereal Bar

This one was on the radar for months: $5 AYCE cereal and cartoons at the Lyric Cinema. Problem is, I never wanted to blow a nice late Saturday morning on this....but I would blow off a Wednesday for it!

So I skipped breakfast at home, leisurely ran the 10k or so to the theater, then plunked down $5 for a cereal bowl and another $1 for a coffee. As a kid, breakfast was my favorite meal (OK, that hasn't changed); and I could eat cereal any time of day (don't quite do that anymore).
I got my first bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, then headed in to catch some Animaniacs. A few minutes later, I got some Lucky Charms. Even though the cereal flavors all complimented each other in terms of post-cereal milk taint -- that is, no chocolate or fruity cereals on tap that might screw up the taste of subsequent bowls (e.g., a Monster Cereal trifecta would necessitate drinking the milk between each new monster) -- it was too awkward to dump a full metal scoop of cereal into a used bowl of milk, as the milk and cereal would overflow/spill, so I drank the (2%) milk between bowls.

That was my downfall, I think, as I put in a very weak effort of 3 bowls total (last one was Frosted Flakes). I intended on doing some damage, but it was not to be. Definitely worth it, though, and I enjoyed the cartoons (cousin Chris A.: I think I saw my first "Pinky and the Brain" episode ever!), but I'm dismayed at my poor showing. J says that I paced it right since I needed to run home, which is a nice story but not the truth: I just didn't have the appetite. The run home was just fine though.

Oh, the previous night, Alex and I went for a solid 10-miler after dark. What does this have in common? That run was post veggie-burger/fries/beer; this run was post-cereal/milk/coffee. Good training for being able to eat random stuff and keep on trucking, I hope. So if anybody's offering cereal or fries at Lean Horse, I'm not necessarily passing it up!

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