Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back! To the Future!

Last week, I retired from engineering work, pretty much...the same week my CEO left.
At the end of the month, I will begin a PhD program in Denver...a couple of days after running my first 100 miler.

I am incredibly stoked about all of this, and can't wait for school to get started!

Meanwhile, while figuring out rental/moving situation, I had last week off. After a day of nothing, I planned to go out to the mountains to decompress, and get the mind and body ready for the upcoming weeks and months, but the weather (regular torrential rains west of the divide) and rental situation with our condo didn't help. So, I took a few days of camping and running, and then some longer day trips.

This is not a training statistics blog, but all told, I got a solid 150 miles, give or take, in the 7 days from Tuesday through Monday. It ended up being a good mix of the sublime and the mundane, social and anti-social, hot and freezing runs and hikes, which I'll update separately. Wish I had some more speed, a few longer-longer runs, etc., but otherwise I feel great and ready to rock.

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