Friday, August 13, 2010

Grimm Brothers Beer - Loveland, CO

Heard about Grimm Brothers in Loveland, but hadn't made it there yet. However, they had "The Fearless Youth" on tap at Old C's today, which I had for my last-day retirement lunch...

...and it was awesome.

Dark and sweet, but not overly so, and not too heavy: still went well enough with lunch. Could have easily drank a couple in different company!

Went home and checked out their website, and enjoyed the cool graphics and stories about each beer. They have the process down and a slick website, and if they're in Old C's already, they have decent distribution down as well. Definitely intrigued!

While in Loveland, I should have stopped there on the way back from Estes last Saturday. Instead, I tried calling Dancing Pines distillery instead, but just got a voicemail. I'm excited about them, too -- especially the coffee liqueur -- but with no website and scarce information, they're not as fully-baked as Grimm Brothers is, apparently.

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