Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flattop, Hallett, Otis, Taylor loop in RMNP

After being excited about my new small digital camera, I forgot it in the car for this classic loop!

Luckily, Nick had his camera, and wrote up a solid report.

Not much to add, but great to have good company with Nick and Aaron (I've read about this loop before but having company during a glissade is nice)...also interesting and funny to see how runners hit the high points at the same time (at summits, during a long runnable descent) as well as low points (when dodging headphone-enveloped tourists)...when I'm solo and get cranky around crowds I feel like the world's biggest misanthrope!

For the trip, beta-wise, Flattop and Hallett definitely see a lot of wind, so be prepared for that (I could have used a hat and gloves, and a jacket is a must); the glacier proper is variable so evaluate conditions in person, but the slope is totally manageable in summer. Hopefully there's enough soft surface snow instead of sheer ice; look out for crevasses on the far right as you descend; head toward the tarn you should have room to slow down and walk around the right.

Anyway, a great place begging for further exploration!

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