Monday, May 27, 2013

Horsetooth Bingo - Summer Edition

Other suggestions?


  1. Saucy and scantily clad CSU girls and boys.

    kids being cajoled up the trail by over-zealous parents.


    ...ranger on foot about a mountain lion?

    Ranger idling truck in the parking lot.

    Reefer on the summit.

  2. Hilarious.

    Also: Poo Fairy. Extremely rare, but not as rare as rangers.

    False Tony (shirtless runner with long hair).

    Texan -- you mean Liza Howard?

  3. Couple having sex.

    Couple having argument.

    Dude in a gas mask.

    Fast old guy in terry cloth.

  4. Great ones, guys -- need a delicate balance between semi-rare but possible to witness if you pay attention.
    The CSU kids would be too obvious, essentially a "Free Square."
    Some of Rubsam's scare me, but I don't doubt any of them.

  5. Does a Ranger directing traffic to parking spots count as foot patrol? He was out of his truck. If it does I think I got 8, maybe 9 (didn't note the brand of water bottles being carried) of them in one hike Sunday. No Bingo though. Fun stuff.

    Hopefully I wasn't the overzealous parent and kept my dog leash out of the way of other runners/hikers.