Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Racing with my Godson

Last month, my cousins were kind enough to have a picnic where we were able to visit with the family in Wisconsin. My godson Max, who just finished 2nd in a x-country race at school (and also plays baseball, soccer, swimming, and races bikes), and I had a fun race around the block near his house.

The first lap was running, and he ran the entire loop (almost a quarter of a mile!), awesome! He used some strategy to try to fake me out, saving a good kick for the end of the run. The finish was too close to call!

Next, he raced on the bike. His parents had said that maybe we should go sometime where I ran and he rode his bike, and he said, "But that wouldn't be fair!" -- what good sportsmanship! Again, he saved some bursts of speed for the end, and we finished at the same time. He told me he was pretty tired afterward, but was full of energy approximately 10 minutes later. Meanwhile, I was drenched in sweat!

It sure is fun to see him, his brother, and cousins all getting older and into different activities. I had a great time running with Max, and can't wait to do it again...I know he's going to keep getting faster though, can't wait to see that!


  1. Speaking of the cheesehead state, I drank some Wisconsin Amber last night!

  2. Sweet, a few more months and you'll be closer to the source...and you'll be able to enjoy it with cheese!