Friday, October 15, 2010

Denver Taper

2 days out from Denver marathon, had a textbook taper day:
No running, lots of eating, 2 hour nap.

Stopped drinking beer for the week, even though it's Isolation season.

I've done everything I can...except for training effectively and intelligently. Whoops!
I crammed some specificity in the last few weeks. Short distance speed is 'meh'...endurance seems OK but hasn't been tested...middle distance speed is OK. But I'm heavier than any marathon in awhile, gained a few pounds right after Lean (sic) Horse. C'est la vie. It'll be a fun time with friends and bands. Never did a Rock 'n Roll before, J and friends have enjoyed them, and I do enjoy a little energy from the crowds.

I won't lie, though: I will also try to get it over with as soon as possible.


  1. mmm. Beer.

    I have not tried the Isolation Ale, but I love Odell's work in general.

    What time are you targeting?

  2. Yes, Odell's is some good stuff all around.

    If you see me (#1023) when looking for your buddy, yell at me to go faster! I don't want to jinx anything, but I'll aim for 1:28x in the first half, and hold on as long as I can for 3:00-3:10 ideally (if not blowing up in the 2nd half). I've never broken 3, I have some data that says I should at least try, but like your post, I haven't focused specifically on it since I had other goals, even though I know by now the work required.

    Good luck and have fun in the half!