Saturday, July 16, 2011


Brewers lose away (again), fall out of first place, Braun's hitting streak ends.

Otherwise, a nice night at Coors Field!


On the way home, we spotted a driver weaving obviously into the next lane, then quickly correcting. It wasn't into other cars or anything, but they guy kept doing it. As I was driving, I pointed it out to Caleb, and he agreed it was pretty obvious. By then it had been for 3-4 miles, and Caleb called in *CSP. I've done this a few times and nothing interesting happened, but this time...CSP called him back! Turns out they had a trooper 3 miles down the road. They asked us to update them on the position, trail the car safely, and put on my flashers -- wow! They got behind him, and the guy indeed swerved 2 more times, and they (two squad cars now) pulled the driver over.

They asked us to stay put and wait (somewhat unexpected for us). They came back after checking the guy out. They said he was sober, but really tired from driving from the Springs and had a small child in the back of the car. They were inclined to give him a warning, unless we wanted to show up in court to testify what we saw (no thanks). But they were still cool and grateful and encouraging of calling in.

Somewhat disappointed that it wasn't a real DUI, but I'm guessing the shot of adrenaline from getting over was helpful for this driver. But also disappointed at how much we tolerate crappy, dangerous, distracted driving in this country. We talk in this limited Blogosphere about the dangers of mountains, weather, etc. but really it's some tool in another car on the drive home that's the biggest realistic threat.

Anyway, an interesting process to observe nonetheless.


  1. Go Pirates!

    Tired driving is much worse than drunk driving, but it's harder to catch and everyone does it so it's not as PC to bust.

  2. Yup, somebody's gotta win that (s)crappy division!

    Being closer to midnight, I got the impression the cops wanted to get back out to go for more obvious DUI's, and I can't blame 'em. Mostly impressed on how they followed through with the information.