Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mt. Meeker and Long's from Loft Route

Mt. Meeker (13911')
Longs Peak (14259')
Mt. Lady Washington (13,281' / separate trip)

Earlier this summer, I took a couple more trips up Longs Peak. Since both of my previous trips were at least 12 hours long, it was nice to go a little faster and explore a bit more.

On the first trip, I headed up the Loft, tagged Meeker, then headed around to re-join the Homestretch for a Longs summit.
The following week, I joined Dan T. and Phil K. for a fun run up the Keyhole, followed by a summit of Mount Lady Washington on the way down. (The extra summit of MLW was a suprisingly fun addition for scrambling along the ridge and getting great views of the Diamond).

I took some video of Meeker from the Loft, I hope you enjoy it. (The climbing section clips are sped up to shorten the video!) Meeker is fun because summiting from either direction (including the long East ridge) requires travelling across talus on a knife edge. There is a summit register that is slightly lower than the true summit block -- standing on the summit block (thankfully and possible on a day with light winds) makes for a spectacular summit that is the polar opposite in both size and crowds from Longs summit.

meeker longs from mike hinterberg on Vimeo.

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