Thursday, July 12, 2012

San Juan-ago Running

Good luck, Hardrockers!
(irunfar coverage)

Especially cheering on "Blogless" Nick "NMP" Pedatella, but also FoCo and Front Range (past or present) runners like Rob Erskine, Dakota Jones, Jon "Brownie" Teisher, and Tim Long, and also happy days for associated pacers and crew.

Aaron, Andy, and I not Hardrocking on Grant Swamp Pass


  1. This year I was thinking that DJ Blogliss P and Ted Mahon are folks that are really talented yet inexplicably off most peoples' racedar.

    Last year's HR was wild, with the insane lightning, hypothermia and assorted personal disasters. I will be entirely content to follow from afar.

  2. MR2: And that rounds out your Top 5 right should be playing Fantasy Ultra!