Friday, July 20, 2012

Boulder Track Mile

PG's got the video, thanks!

Great runs by Brownie and GZ, especially just days removed from Hardrock and Hardrock pacing, respectively (and while saving something for the upcoming steeplechase).

5:01.7, as painfully close as it was to run. That translates to 4:59 for 1600m -- so I didn't account for the extra 9.34 meters.

I didn't die though so hopefully 'nother shot next month.


  1. Nice work. Hope to close the gap on ya next time.

  2. I really thought you were gonna get it Mike! Looked like you slowed at the start of the last turn, but then picked it up on the homestretch. The meet on 8/6 should get you under though, right?

  3. 1500 then. Sub 4:40 to end any arguments.

  4. PG, your observations in the video were spot on -- slowed down too much in turns 3 and 4 (being conservative for a kick, but too conservative, and not enough kick!)

    Hope to be back on 8/16 for the next mile (unless in Pbville already), hope to bring some FC folks too.

    GZ: Close the gap! 4:58 and 4:59!

  5. I was looking at MN state running records for men my age. Don't think many other states have 50 year-olds doing 2:35 marathons or 4:41 miles. Yikes!

  6. MN definitely has a great road scene and great recordkeeping.
    Seeing your recent post, FWIW, I ran a few hours alongside John Maas during his first 100 at Lean Horse (my first 50). Steady and very nice guy, I think pretty much an adult onset runner.