Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Next 2 weekends?

Still on the (growing) list:
Pawnee-Buchanan Loop
Tenmile Traverse
Belford-Oxford-Missouri (Emerald-Iowa optional)
Rawah Lakes Loop (w/ TBD modifications for N and S Rawah Pk)
Mummy Kill
Aspen 4-Pass again



  1. Ryan K is in for Aspen on Sunday.

  2. Sunday is open. Rawahs? I think Rob might be interested too. Would have to be a stupid early start.

  3. Cool, would you be up for something that hit N and S Rawah Pk?
    Clark is great but a repeat for me (at least from Blue Lakes), unless we can map out a good connection. Time to stare at maps!

  4. Up for anything, my man. Would have to look at maps, as you suggest. I'd like to get on top of my namesake too, though.

  5. >unless we can map out a good connection

    That sounds like code for "cut through swamps and willows" ;)

  6. Limited availability, but interested. Keep me posted.

  7. BTW, I'm tempted to raise my hand too, but I'm kinda poky compared to you racers, a bit lame right now, and I've been told I will be working the next two weekends :(

    Actually it's a rare thing, so I can't complain too much, especially compared to some folks.

    One of these days... maybe I'll show at one of the Voluminous Buttock events.

  8. Ah, yes, swamps and willows...my favorite.

    mtnr - come up for the Cheeks of Chubbines, we have distances and start times for all.

  9. Jeff, I was going to suggest you come out one of these days! You've certainly been busy in the mountains this summer, it seems! Chubby Cheeks is a blast, great group, great trails, great time of year, and people are out all day.

    Nick, Justin, Rob:
    Clark Pk is understandable so Nick can use the phrase "eponymous peak" on his blog. It's a repeat for me so I've been staring at the map (just bought a new one for the 3rd time, I keep losing that Cameron Pass one) to do something other than Blue Lakes to Clark (~15.5M). Adding Cameron Peak would be interesting, but I'm mostly attracted to the loop from West Branch that would naturally connect N and S Rawah Peaks from Grassy Pass. A ridge run down to Clark from the Rawah's would be awesome, but long (4M+?) and potentially suck up a lot of time when it gets narrow. I'll see if I can figure out what the total mileage for that would be.

    Alternatively, I know the ridge from Montgomery Pass is more tame /most/ of the way, though it gets steep right before Clark on the south, but I think there's a way around that. I'll see if I can dig up some pictures. That could be a loop from Montgomery to Blue Lake.

    Any thoughts?

  10. And otherwise, as NMP, PhD is suggesting, Pawnee-Buchanan is a fine suggestion, though Justin already did it.