Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Go Red

My alma mater -- the Wisconsin Badgers -- play an historic game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers this Saturday night. The usual Nebraska chant of "Go Big Red" will likely fall on deaf ears in a stadium dominated by (drunk) red-wearing Badger fans; in fact, Nebraska fans will be wearing black as a way to support/mourn their team's losing effort.

Meanwhile, the foliage in Colorado is en fuego. The typical peak for most areas appears to be shifted a week late, due to late snows and consistently warm temperatures this summer; and some aspens are noticeably drier and browner this year. All this is among a backdrop of brown beetle-killed pines in the Northern Front Range especially.

But what has been noticeably impressive this year, to me at least, is the intensity of colour in some of the underbrush. I'm seeing more brilliant reds than I have in previous years.

Here's a sample from the last few weekends:

Gothic Rd near Gothic, CO

Grey Rock trail near Ted's Place, CO

Rist Canyon near Bellevue, CO.
Note the red-shaped "H" for Hinterberg in the foliage!

Raspberries in Wild Basin in RMNP, CO


  1. Had a blast visiting your old stomping grounds. Last food I had there was from Mickies Dairy Bar across from the stadium.

  2. Fantastic, glad you survived! I'm not surprised you felt the need to run 20 miles the first day you came back after all that cheese and beer!