Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jogger goes over Minneapolis street barrier, falls to death

Very sad Strib story about a man that fell to his death during a run in Minneapolis.

I guess he grew up and went to school there, then was home (from Alaska) visiting family. A family member dropped him off somewhere so he could go for a random jog. He came up some stairs from the Cedar Lake trail rec path onto a road overpass, then crossed the road to get to where he thought was a part of the trail. He hopped over a Jersey barrier
(these things)

...thinking he could see the trail on the other side, but not knowing there was a gap of empty space on the other side.

The article could use a picture, but based on the info, I'm guessing it was

View Large Zoomed-in Map.

Note that the East side of the road has a sidewalk alongside the bridge, while the West side has a very neat non-motorized bridge -- separated by a small but deep gap. An oddly assymetric design.

I know a 'normal' person might think this is kind of strange, but I can totally see doing this myself. Very tragic.

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