Thursday, September 16, 2010

Denver TdF

Headed out to Denver TdF on a gorgeous Saturday morning, meeting our friends Will and Mara.

With school going full-bore for both of us, no time for decent costumes:

But, easier to fit in with minimal costumes in Denver than in the Fort.

How do they compare? Denver is way more subdued: less intricate and interesting costumes, overall. It's just as packed at the festival itself, it seems. The Denver route is pretty fun because you go down city streets through the heart of downtown, where you might not ride a bike as easily during the day.

Not as much energy as in the Fort. Then again, we saw the Tempe/Phoenix TdF before, and it was very small in comparison. For that aspect, I would recommend an interested person checking it out at the mothership itself if you can. That said, I feel like much of the Fort spectacle is out-of-towners and CSU folk, as a destination. I feel like the other towns attract people that have/ride bikes and join in the parade, whereas the Fort one has a lot of people driving in bikes from out of town.

Had some great food from Water Course at TdF, good veggie stuff.

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