Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day in the San Juans

Just got back from a great whirlwind 3-day weekend in the San Juans. I'll post some teasers and some writeup as I have time, anxious to get some pictures up as well.

Highlights of Possible General Interest:
* Handies Peak Summit Attempt from Grizzly Gulch
* Silverton Blue Ribbon 10k, Rhubarb Festival, Parade and Fireworks
* Ice Lakes Basin Hike
* Good car camping spots
* Brewpubs, distilleries, restaurants, and bookstores
* Subaru turning it's first 100k miles: Where we were when it happened...and what happened at 99999

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  1. You were in Ouray and the car broke into celebratory verse. Here's to 100k more.