Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quick Ultra Flyby's from Alaska and Minnesota

Came across Evan Hone's blog, from Alaska, and spent too much time reading it. A little different flavor of adventure and writing style:

"My dog was kicked in the face by a moose this morning."
"We were about 6 miles in and came around a corner and saw some people camping. They had decided to bring their goats with them for company (kinda weird). I would think that in brown bear country that would be a stupid idea but I soon found out these goats were attack goats."

I like it.

Forgot to check on the Arrowhead 135 results last month, but the top 3 (all on bikes, as usual) finished within one minute of each other!

Now that's crazy! No idea how long they were this close, racing each other -- did the leader back off as much as he could, was there a previous gentleman's agreement, or was it neck-and-neck for 135-freaking-miles in subzero temps?

I like it.

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