Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nuggets Coach George Karl vs. Cancer

Not a big basketball fan, but always been entertained by George Karl (lived in Wisconsin when he was a Bucks coach, too).

Great ESPN Rick Reilly piece on Karl's tough battle with cancer.

By his car, I ask Karl if he's scared to die.

"I'm scared every day," he says. "Scared all the time. But my kids, my family, my staff, they keep me thinking positive."

Anything good coming from all this?

"Oh, yeah. Lots. Sometimes, I feel the sunshine on my face and I just stop and think, 'Damn, this feels good.' I never used to think about sunshine, you know?"

Great quote to think about this week, with some great temperatures and later daylight.

Let's not take any of it for granted, ever.

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