Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kanab, Utah

J and I had a great, quick trip to Kanab, Utah, right before Christmas. 
We visited and stayed with my friend Tom, whom I worked with in San Diego, and who has a great working knowledge of the area, having visited numerous times to volunteer and adopt dogs from the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

After we arrived, we took a shorter hike on the Squaw Trail, giving great views of the surrounding area.
This was also our first time meeting Tom's partner Vicki, who's warmth and friendliness was immediately apparent.  Later, her strong hiking skills and excellent cooking would also become apparent.

Coming up on the weekend, we only had two full days out there, but packed them with some great hikes, followed by great dinners and sharing of Western beer and wine.  Tom had brought his collection of electric Lego trains, and already had a nice setup of 2 trains going.  Later, we expanded that to a record of 3 trains, with some hills and banked corners.

Tom and Vicki were fantastic hosts and great company.  I took a few shakeout jogs on the roads around Kanab, but otherwise we had two days of solid hiking.

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