Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunrise Hike to Kruger Rock

Kruger Rock (9355')
Hermit Park near Estes Park, CO ($6/car or Larimer Co Park Pass)
4 miles RT, 1000' gain

Easter Sunday was predicted to be a nice, clear morning, so it seemed like a good idea to get outside.  I recall that we had done something similar the previous year with our friend DJ, giving us the makings of a pleasant tradition.  (Separately, I also heard of some friends that have a tradition of jogging up in the hills near sunrise -- Easter seems like a nice draw to celebrate a beautiful morning and the coming of Spring).

This year, we added DJ's dog, and decided to head out to Estes for an easy hike up Kruger Rock.

As advertised, it's an easy trail, full of great views for less effort than most alternatives.

Even the meadows and Park below are worth a leisurely walk at any time of year.

It was a bit blustery at times, but felt great in the sun, and we had the entire place to ourselves for a couple hours.  We forewent the opportunity for exploring the connector trail to Homestead Meadows, but instead hung out at Kind Coffee, being grateful that they were indeed open on Easter while also serving their consistently-excellent Dark Roast 422, always with a smile and a great bring-your-own mug refill price, and it was the right time to finally pick up a copy of Lisa Foster's RMNP hiking guide.


Hope everyone was able to get outside and enjoy a pleasant Easter weekend!

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  1. I'll have to check this one out.

    That top photo has a composition like some sort of early Renaissance religious painting. Nice.

    Kind Coffee keeps me awake on the drive home. Mmm.