Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back to Basics: Traveling

J and I had a good streak going of traveling internationally once/year...until the last two years.
And, much of the travel budget went towards races: WS100 in particular wasn't cheap.

Next year, I'll stick with driveable races: Hardrock or Black Hills 100 being top of the list.

The other races (Steamboat, Leadville) weren't as bad with travel but still add up.
And, I made a conscious decision not to run Pikes this year, and not to run the NYC marathon, despite initial interest and the excitement of qualifying.

I don't want our only travel to be race-related.

Mock's blog (and GZ's -- ho-hum) remind me of the pleasures of getting far out of Dodge.

So I'm very excited we found some cheap tickets to Panama in January.  Time to dust off the passports.


  1. Oh man, jealous about Panama. Check out the Bocas del Toro archipelago. Some of the islands are touristy, but some "end of the world" type-remote places too that are high on my list. Whatever island Red Frog Beach on was especially pretty.

    Totally agree on the race-related travel. It was good for a while, but can get in the way of really enjoying a place. I mean, I went to bed in Amsterdam at 9 PM because I was running a marathon in two day!

  2. Yup -- my list is always open-ended for anything in Latin America, but Jessica seeing pictures of Bocas del Toro pushed her over the edge. We'll really only have time for that and Boquete (my pick), so nothing too remote.

  3. Sounds like a good trip in the planning. Definitely agree that traveling for races (or work) you don't really get the full experience/enjoyment of the trip. I have been in Switzerland for a week and havn't seen much aside from the inside of a meeting room and little bits of least I have tomorrow to hopefully check out a few things. Can't really complain though when someone else is footing the bill ;-)