Friday, December 9, 2011

Upcoming Races

* WS100 lottery tomorrow. Cautiously optimistic for Alex and I
* Should be a fun one, but can't make Chubby Cheeks tomorrow -- up in Snowmass for school/work. I imagine it'll be a fun day of tromping through the snow and checking lottery results
* Instead, I'm up in Snowmass for school/work -- can't complain about that. Making extra red blood cells for next week's VBM
* No HR lottery, no problem -- extra ticket for next year. Hope to hang out in Silverton in July anyway
* How about QR (Quad Rock) instead? Looking forward to that one
* Not planning on Leadville -- would like to go back someday, and definitely can speed up my time, but too many other races to do, and I like the idea of PPA in the morning, pacing at night
* Looking at Bighorn as a WS backup, and have thought a little bit about Black Hills, but..
* The Steamboat 100 sounds very intriguing. Not a fan nor interested in the arbitrary split of runners, and the possible giant purse is neither here nor there for me, but I have no problems with the attempt or desire to do so. I like everything else about the race: course, time of year, cost; and I've always heard good things about the RD. Hoping for a good race there in Year 1!

We'll see how things shake out starting tomorrow. Good luck in the WS lottery!

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  1. We'll miss you tomorrow at the Chub. I am really hoping that we both make the trip out to California in June. Are you going back to Collegiate Peaks in 2012?