Monday, April 11, 2011

Wahoo's Fish Taco coming to Fort Collins!

>UPDATE: 5/24/2011: NOW OPEN!

Wahoo's Fish Taco coming to Fort Collins!

I was talking to Caleb on the phone, while I was in the parking lot of a Wahoo's in Denver, when he thought he remembered seeing a Wahoo's sign in the Fort. Sure enough, J spotted it today near Front Range Village, Rustic Oven, etc. near Harmony and Corbett. Good thing J had some warning or she would have freaked out also when she first saw it, as she's one of the folks that joined the "Bring Wahoo's to Fort Collins" Facebook page. (But I'm not going to believe that actually works until a Trader Joe's finally shows up here).

My first Wahoo's was on a bike ride in Encinitas, CA, and I quickly brought J back there. We stopped there often when in the mood for something good but not wanting to wait or pay more money somewhere else. Very glad they're in Colorado:
it's one of only 4 states (California, Hawaii, and Texas(!)) with Wahoo's, and it's great to see them venturing north (already in Denver, Boulder, Longmont, etc.) Yeah, they're a chain, but an awesome one. Although the blackened fish tacos are the best, lots of other good options...and they keep it real with options like wild salmon, brown rice, etc. in addition to beer and margaritas. Finally, the service we've seen has been universally impeccable, as the food is quick and gets delivered to your table, and they'll clean up (and argue if you try to clean it up yourself) as soon as you're done. I usually leave a buck or two in the tip jar for service I would pay 20% for, though I also swipe free stickers which have found their way onto my ski helmet and bike.

As far as outdoor sports (besides being easy to get a halfway-decent number of halfway-decent calories in you quickly), they're sometimes a good source for Competitor magazine, if not some other free sports mags, as well as Westword and The Onion; and they often co-sponsor or provide food for various races. They have a running club in Denver.

Check 'em out!


  1. That bill to allow full strength beer in supermarkets didn't pass today, so don't hold your breath on Trader Joe's. Still have to drive to Santa Fe for some Two Buck Chuck.

  2. Yeah...
    Though the TJ's rumor is all over the place, since some of the stores on the East Coast, reputedly, have a separate alcohol section. The other major rumor I heard was "distribution issues" in the Rockies.

    But yes, I think we're down to our last case of $2/$3 Chuck from Thanksgiving in Santa Fe, time for another road trip!