Sunday, November 14, 2010


Threw my name in the hat for WS100, we'll see what it brings.
Rooting for Alex and Brandon to get in as well.

Popular race, of course. I remember being enthralled reading about it in "Karno's" book 5 years ago, after meeting him at a book talk. We can all joke about that, but I'll admit still that some of that really got me intrigued about ultramarathons (keeping in mind I had barely done a few half marathons at that point), precisely and ironically because of the lack of glamour of the whole thing when he talked about training and running at night, etc.

Anyway, this race and Hardrock are the two I'd most like to do, and (lacking a HR qualifier) it would be most convenient to do them in that order!


  1. It would be great if we all got in. I look forward to some good WS training starting on Dec. 5. I'd love to join you for a winter mountain trip. I have a pair of snow shoes that I'm fairly comfortable with, but my winter mountaineering skills pretty much end there.

  2. Sort of refreshing that its out of our control!

  3. You know, if you don't get into Western States, I know of a nice alternative the same weekend ;).

  4. Chris, I love /everything/ about the Black Hills 100 -- the organization, course, scenery, and price...except, right now, its status as a Hard Rock qualifier. Been meaning to ask you: anything you can do about that? Want to check into it? It seems to compare favorably to Massanutten, WS, maybe Sawtooth. They might want to see how the first-year's results go, I know you debated on the 32hr cutoff. You should be able to compare it to Bighorn: what do you think?

    Definitely want to check it out, haven't ruled out next year yet: 1st year would be fun! But gotta see how the summer lines up.