Thursday, April 29, 2010


Rode 50 yesterday on the road bike in a tough wind, but pretty route. Better paceline work heading out, not possible heading in, as some crosswind gusts pushed me clear across the lane. It felt far enough on a bike!


Signed up to run 50 on Saturday.

I remember hearing good things about this one from several runners (Klopfenstein and Harsha) in last year's Silver Rush. J & I love BV, and sounded like a good diversion between ski season and real summer. Somehow, though, I was picturing sunny skies and clear views -- not this crap that's falling from the sky. Oh well.

No real big goals here, just testing the fitness, running, hanging out in BV with J, and beating my legs and body into submission for a few weeks so I can chill out next weekend and watch J and friends run the CM half next weekend. Then, hopefully the weather gets better for more ad-hoc playing outside -- "free" in both definitions of the word. Looking to get more long rides, hikes, and runs in. More social stuff as the days get longer and I can make it after work, more exploration.

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